WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2021 (10th Sept) | Biology 2021

WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2021 (10th Sept) | Biology 2021

WAEC Biology 2021 – WAEC Biology Questions and Answers 2021, Legit Free  WAEC Biology 2021 objective and theory answers for West African Examinations Council (May/June) 2021. WAEC Biology objective and theory answers For you to have good WAEC result in Biology examination as well as repeated questions for free in this post. You will also understand how WAEC (Biology) Biology questions are set and how to answer them. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board established by law to determine the examinations required in the public interest in the English-speaking West African countries, to conduct the examinations and to award certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally. 

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WAEC Biology 2021 Questions and Answers

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External fertilization is a mode of reproduction in which a male organism’s sperm fertilizes a female organism’s egg outside of the female’s body.

Internal fertilization occurs most often in land-based animals, although some aquatic animals also use this method. There are three ways that offspring are produced following internal fertilization.



(i)the foetus will not get oxygen
(ii)the foetus will not get nutrients.
(iii)waste products from your baby’s blood will not be removed

[pick three]

When the head moves or changes position,the endolymph fluid in the semi-cricular canals moves and stimulates the nerve endings. The nerve endings then transmit the impulses through vestibular to the cerebellum of the brain where the new position at the head is interpreted and the appropriate responses sent to the muscular system to maintain body balance

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The middle ear in human can be split into three parts; external, mdiddle and inner. The middle ear lies within the temporal bone, and extends from the tympanic membrane to the lateral wall of the inner ear. The main function of the middle ear is to transmit vibrations from the tympanic membrane to the inner ear via the auditory ossicles.

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Today’s WAEC Biology OBJ Answers: (2021 Answers)

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WAEC 2021 Biology Questions and Answers 2021 Objectives Answers (Expo)

Biology OBJ:

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WAEC Biology Essay Answers 2021


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Two conscious patient X and whose blood group genotypes are AO and AB respectively were transfused with blood from the same donor. Patient immediately showed signs of difficulty in breathing while patient showed no negative reaction.

Use the information above to answer question38 and 39.

38. Patient and were likely transfused with blood of genotype





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39. What should the hospital have done to prevent patient X from showing the symptom described above? Patient should have

A. Undergone an agglutination test

B. Been asked for the blood group.

C. Been screened for HIV

D. Undergone malaria test.

40. The greatest contribution to genetic studies was made by

A. Gregor Mendel

B. Thomas Morgan

C. Charles Darwin

D. Robert Hooke.

41. The exchange of genes between homologous chromosomes is called

A. Crossing over

B. Back cross

C. Test cross

D. Mutation

The diagrams below are illustration of the inheritance of coat in mice. J, K, L, M and are parents. The crosses between two parent mice gave rise to offspring P, Q, R and S. study the diagram and answer question 42 and 43

WAEC 2021 Biology Question And Answers SECTION C:

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