Solutions to NPower N-exit Web Portal Issues

Solutions to NPower Nexit Portal Issues

The NSIP Team has added new Support Email to assist Exited Npower Volunteers change their e-mail addresses.

For N-Power Volunteers who are yet to complete their N – EXIT Web Portal registration, please follow the instructions below carefully:


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How to Change Email Address:

This involve N-Power Volunteers who can’t access or have issue with their email address. To change your email address, send the following details to And

  • First name and last name as written on your NPVN portal.
  • Phone number.
  • State.
  • LGA.
  • Then, state the reason you want to change from the present Email address as written on your NPVN portal to the new Email address you want them to change it to.

How to Deactivate Account:

This is for N-Power Volunteers who have made the maximum login attempt to the NEXIT portal due to invalid Username or password after email validation. Kindly send the following details to And

  • First name and last name as written on your NPVN portal.
  • Phone number.
  • State.
  • LGA.
  • Email address used.
  • Explain what happened after you validate your email, then seek for deactivation of your account so that you can have access to register again.

For Email Address Already Registered, but yet to recreive Email for link validation:

To rectify this, simply click on the direct link below, enter your email address and click submit. Wait for some minutes and check your inbox or spam message for verification link.

For L.G.A Not Displaying:

Make sure you are using updated Chrome browser and good network. Change your state to another state, select any LGA, then change the state back to your State and select your LGA.


  1. Good day gentlemen our problem is that we fill the updating form and up till now no message that can access us to complet our registration

  2. Please my questions is that, can we send our details to nexit portal to correct all the invalid occur on the email, or how are we going to partake in the program, so far they have our details with them before, because am on this registration since January, I don’t understand again, I thought they can help us out or how are we going to do,I ‘ve took all the necessary steps it didn’t work

  3. Please help us out, because most of beneficiary didn’t know anything about this program, it’s me that is telling them to login on the, and most of them have done it(registered ) but I can’t register because portal didn’t accept my email and password, please am confused, I don’t know what to do again

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