NYSC Portal Login 2023 March Batch C Registration, Senate List | NYSC Dashboard 2023 and Job Recruitment

NYSC Portal Login Dashboard 2022 September | portal.nysc.org.ng Registration 2022 Batch B, C & A, Senate List

NYSC PORTAL Login Dashboard 2023 March | NYSC Dashboard Portal 2023 and Job Recruitment

NYSC Portal Login 2023 MarchNYSC Dashboard Online Portal for prospective & current Corp Members – portal.nysc.org.ng. NYSC is an acronym in Nigeria that stands for National Youth Service Corps. The NYSC Portal 2023 Registration platform is the avenue for all Nigerian youths under 30 years to register for their compulsory “National Service Year;” that aims at enhancing the youth’s skill and development of unity through the building of the nation. To access the National Youth Service Corps portal, you have to visit the official website of the National Youth Service Corps. The site is accessible through internet services either by phone, desktop or even at the local cyber cafe. Checkout NYSC 2023 Senate ListNYSC Registration | Batch B 2022

How to login to your NYSC Portal Dashboard Login | NYSC Dashboard 2023

To login to your account at NYSC Portal 2023 registration platform, follow the steps below;

  1. Go to NYSC Portal website via this link –  portal.nysc.org.ng

  2. Click on login icon
  3. Enter your Email Address and Password in the space provided
  4. Click on “Resume”

Once you click on “Resume”, it will take you to your dashboard.

Note: The email address and password required are those you created during online registration.

Things to Do On NYSC Portal Login | NYSC Dashboard

I am going to briefly talk about everything you can do on the NYSC portal 2023. The first thing is that you can log in to your dashboard to correct your details and make any changes to your information on the NYSC Portal 2023.

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Serving Corp Members and prospective ones who have done the NYSC registration can log in right one the NYSC portal login Dashboard.

To log in, you will need your email and password. After that, you will be taken to your own personal NYSC dashboard portal that contains your information. There is also an option to recover your password in case you can’t remember.

Verify Your Certificate

This is not important to most higher institutions. If your higher institution is a new one or not accredited and you want to verify your certificate, you can do it on the NYSC portal.

Check Payment status

The NYSC portal login Dashboard is also a place to check the status of any of your payments relating to the NYSC scheme.

Visit NYSC Portal Homepage

The National Youth Service Corps official homepage is a place you can get news and other updates about the scheme. From the portal, you can visit the homepage.

Read Foreign PCM Requirements

This is specifically for Nigerian graduates from accredited foreign institutions. If you want to read details about your requirements for the NYSC mobilization, you can do it right from the NYSC portal login Dashboard.

See NYSC Dashboard Portal Payment Guidelines

Many prospective corps members and fresh Corpers who need a hand or detailed information about how to correctly make payments on the NYSC dashboard can do so from the portal.

NYSC Portal Frequently Asked Questions

The NYSC Portal login dashboard is also a place to read some official answers to frequently asked questions about the NYSC. Before you start worrying about finding an answer to questions, the FAQ first.

During mobilization, prospective Corps members will need to check their names on the Senate list before they can proceed with the NYSC registration. Right on the portal dashboard, you can check if your name is on the Senate list.

See Accredited Institutions

The last thing you can do on the NYSC portal login Dashboard is checking if your institution is accredited for NYSC.

Now you know everything about the NYSC portal login dashboard. Go ahead and check it out.

Apart from the things listed above, there are other tasks that can be carried out on the portal.


  1. am yet to register due to my lately submission of my jamb regularization, though i have submitted it last year november, each time i go through the senate list in the NYSC portal, they keep on telling me i have not been matriculated,i should contact my institution used by none.I visited my school last week for confirmation.just go through the list again, they said no record fund

  2. I have done my registration, but my call up letter is not coming up and the first to fourth choice of deployment is showing no slot found, it’s not coming up

  3. Please, I have done my regularization since 8th February 2021 but haven’t got the email from jamb and my name is not in Senate list, what can I do now please ?

  4. Pls I have done my registration successful but the convid 19 registration is saying not available what should I do

  5. Pls i ve not been able to register and my name is on senate list batch A 2021.pls what do i do am the only one in my set that has not registered uniben student affairs told me to go by may to register yet i am not able to register. Pls somebody help

  6. I Hashim Suleiman I salf in Jigawa state Fanisau local Government Dutse, than God I am feeling happen there way because I sow somening things there , like Yoraba culture, Ibob Culture, E C T , I think God that I fine myself in Jigawa. God bless Nigeria God bless Jigawa.

  7. Please how can I login since I did all clearance both physical as foreign student 2019 November before covid19 invaded the whole globe which I was emailed to come Abuja 2020 but then I couldn’t make it later ruin could not access my existing dashboard for relevant informations on what next to do. Notification, unexisting email, which was the same email I was using to access my dashboard. What could be the error?


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