NYSC Member Dies in Motor Accident


NYSC Latest News 2021 Update Portal: The picture below has been trending on the social media, calling for the identification of the Corps Member who died in a ghastly motor accident, and body deposited in a mortuary in Plateau State. Checkout the NYSC current Senate List 2021

To put the issue in proper perspective, Management hereby clarifies once again, having done so on 8th February, 2020 that the lady in question, Thlama Stephen Wudiri, was indeed a NYSC Member serving in Gombe State. She was involved in a ghastly motor accident along Maiduguri Road which sadly claimed her life in 2016.

The post, devoid of emotional intelligence conveys an erroneous impression as though the accident just occurred.


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The Scheme was grief-stricken, and felt highly diminished by Thlama’s demise. Her remains were interred over four years ago.
It is very pertinent to advise that people, as a matter of necessity should be circumspect in forwarding unverified posts that could cause offence and grief, such as the one trending.
May her soul continue to rest peacefully and blissfully in the Lord; and may God comfort her family.
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