How To Fix Npower Beneficiary Issue On NASIMS

Npower: How To Fix “Account Number Already Exist For Another Beneficiary” Issue On NASIMS

If you are an Npower Batch C Volunteer and on trying to validate your account information, you keep getting the pink error display message “Account Number Already exists for another beneficiary” please just go to your browser settings after logging out from Npower NASIMS portal and clear your browser cache, alternatively you can go to your browser app and “Clear Data” then after doing this, you log back into the N-Power NASIMS portal and repeat the account validation process.

If this issue persists simply send your Npower ID, and your account names and your account number to please note subject of your email should be “Account Number Already Exists For Another Beneficiary”, you can attach a screenshot of the issue when sending in your complain, but please, I repeat, keep your message very short and concise.

Npower: Please If You Changed Your Account Name Please Make Sure It Matches Your Profile Name

Please if you are an N-Power Batch C Volunteer and you recently went to the bank to change your account names please ensure it matches and corresponds with the names on your Npower NASIMS profile, otherwise you might have payment issues.

Please if you changed your account names say from John Doe Jane to Jane Ann Kim please make sure that it is Jane Ann Kim that is being displayed on your Npower NASIMS profile, if you cannot edit your account names and your profile names on the N-Power NASIMS dashboard please contact Npower and notify the N-Power management about the change, by sending your new account names, and ID to


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