NPower Batch C: How To Fix Residential Address Error After Uploading On NASIMS

NPower Batch C: How To Fix Residential Address Error After Uploading On NASIMS

NPower Latest News: Please if you are an NPower Batch C applicant and after inputting your correct residential address, you observed, that either the house or plot number as well as the address was incorrect, please if after attempting to edit it on the NPower NASIMS portal the issue still persists, you do not have to worry.

During the day of the NPower physical verification, just go to the N-Power physical verification Center with your utility bill or other documents showing the correct residential address, as long as your local government area of residence is correct, this is really no issue, NPower Batch C applicants will be posted according to proximity to his or her local government area of residence.

NPower Batch C: How To Obtain Your BVN Printout
Although the BVN print out might not be an essential document for the physical screening exercise, that is, should there be an NPower physical verification, but the BVN print out, is necessary to clear any benefits of doubt that might affect an NPower Batch C applicant’s payment, probably due to name and age mismatch…Read More

5 Ways To Protect Your NPower (NASIMS) Portal
A lot of NPower Batch C applicants have been complaining that whenever they login into their NPower (NASIMS) Profile they do see another information most times on their portal, infact an N-Power Batch C applicant (name withheld) said another BVN number was being displayed on the portal, some NPower Batch C applicants also experience a completely different NPower ID when they log into the NPower NASIMS portal…Read More

NPower Batch C: No Official Date For Deployment
A lot of NPower Batch C applicants have been asking the question about when exactly would deployment commence? Infact most N-Power Batch C applicants have been saying “done with biometrics when will deployment commence”? For now, according to NASIMS NPower there is no official date for NPower Batch C1 deployment (see attached screenshot as evidence), all N-Power Batch C1 Applicants have always been implored to keep checking their NASIMS NPower dashboard for updates…Read More


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