London Academy Business School Job Recruitment 2020

London Academy Business School Job Recruitment 2020

London Academy Business School Job Recruitment 2020 Ongoing. Apply for  London Academy Business School Recruitment 2020/2021 today. London Academy Business School – Based in Stratford (Olympics City), The London Academy Business School offers a wide range of education courses, degree programmes and professional training and certification courses. Our aim is to provide the best quality education for the real world. Through our various programmes, students are encouraged to develop practical skills, team working, leadership, career development and potentials, which will enhance their future goals.

We are recruiting:

Job Title: Business Development/Academic Manager
Location: Lagos

Job Description

  • Managers oversee logistics, develop new businesses and ensure profitability. He / She is responsible for managing the business and academic operations with proving result, recruiting students at A levels and generating revenue with the support of the directors. The BDA Manager will work collaboratively with all members of staff, also develop and submit evidential weekly, monthly and or quarterly performance and progress reports to company headquarter in London.

Education/Experience Requirements

  • A successful candidate must possess a minimum Bachelor’s or Master Degree in Education, Management, Business, Law or HR, 1-3 years of working or teaching experience, Teaching certification and proven work record in academic monitoring, planning and administration. Prior Experience as an Academic Manager is preferred, but not willingness to achieve the best result is essential. However, they must also be willing to take on responsibilities in different roles with the organisation.


  • High level of written and verbal communication skills, ability to encourage teamwork and solicit for new ideas is essential, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills and advanced knowledge in implementing plans to respond to academic-related issues.

Responsible for preparation of effective business strategies and revenue-generating projects

  • Advising the CEO on the best options and effective delivery tools
  • Putting together a yearly business plan, writing proposals for new contracts, setting realistic targets in terms of income and delivery and overseeing the implementation of projects to completion to meet set goals.
  • Liaising with organisations to secure funds to implement proposed objectives
  • Communicating with the CEO and the Corporate Services Director on the list of projects selected, their merits, targets and progress
  • Assisting in sourcing advertising opportunities across all ranges of media
  • Briefing and helping the designer/s devise creative concepts and source relevant images for marketing communications
  • Developing relevant brochures for proposed programs and literature including writing and proof-reading copy
  • Managing projects in a cost-effective manner ensuring income targets are met
  • Ensure effective program(s) delivery
  • Ensuring the set budget is adhered to by saving costs where possible and managing all costs
  • Responding efficiently and effectively to instructions given by the Board of Directors
  • Use own initiative to generate government contracts with the opportunity to have greater returns.
  • Manage other media requirement for both Southwest region in consultation with other responsible managers in another part of Nigeria for the growth of the Business School.


  • Ensure the smooth and effective running of the academic front of the Business School, taking the lead in working with others to ensure that students administrative services are efficient, effective and streamlined. Working with the Director on revenue generation and programme planning, the collaboration with other institution, recruitment matters and the Academic Registration. Take the lead and co-ordinate the Business School’s principal academic and non-academic functions. Ensuring that there are the internal capacity and capability to deliver the Business School’s executive, corporate and educational plans, and creating a ‘customer services’ culture to ensure that non-academic services are seen as responsive and adding value to the organisation.
  • To take the lead in the Business School’s strategic plans and business development. Able to ensure that the Business School strategies are regularly reviewed and effectively implemented, and to be underpinned by robust operating plans across faculties and Departments.
  • Able to provide support and facilitation of the board of governors and directors in the development of the Business School’s strategic plans and performance management.
  • Lead the development of a fit-for-purpose infrastructure of Estates, ICT and Libraries/Information services capable of delivering the Business School’s strategic aims.
  • Oversee the development, delivery and championing of a coherent and effective programme of business support and commercial development, building the Business School’s reputation as a major contributor to economic development in the area and supporting the Business School’s strategy for income generation.
  • Oversee the management of the Business School’s corporate and student recruitment operations, including guidance and outreach, to ensure successful achievement of enrolment targets.
  • Develop the Business School’s marketing and communications, working with external stakeholders to build the Business School’s reputation and ensure effective well-regarded internal communications. Maintain and develop an extensive network of contacts in schools and colleges, press and other media, and across higher education, to improve and enhance the Business School’s market position.
  • Support the Director on HR in the development, delivery and championing of the People and Culture Strategy and the development, communication, and introduction of a major programme of culture change across the Business School.
  • Support the Director on Finance and planning in the development, delivery and championing of a Finance Strategy which will permit the Business School to invest in and develop its infrastructure and services to maintain and enhance the quality of the student experience in the fees area.
  • Work with the Director on Sustainability, lead the development of the Business School’s sustainability programme, to sustain our leading reputation in this field.
  • This job description is a guide to the work that the post holder will initially be required to undertake. It may be amended from time to time to meet changing circumstances by mutual agreement.

Salary: 180,000 – 400,000 per months depending on Qualification/Experience

How to Apply:
Candidates should send their Resume/CV and cover letter to:


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