How to Know if your NPower Batch A and B Nexit Application was Successful

How to Know if your NPower Batch A and B Nexit Application was Successful

NPower Latest Update & News: After the information was let out from the ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, through one of their tweeter handles, on 5th April, 2021, informing all nexited Npower beneficiaries that NEXIT package is only for those whose details are received in the NEXIT PORTAL, and whose status is showing PENDING.

There has been this tension and worries by some exited beneficiaries.


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Some are saying they don’t understand what the ministry is talking about, while some see the statement as another tactics to divert the minds of the exited beneficiaries who have been anxiously waiting for the past 8Months to receive the exit package.

Everybody is entitled to his/her opinion but the fact remains that the information had been let out and those concern are expected to do their part or risk been left out when others will be smiling.

Now, this is how to ascertain that your detail, which you supplied during application, is well received in NEXIT PORTAL and you have nothing to worry about:

(1)Login to nexit site through:

(2) Input the email you used to register for Npower or updated email if you have changed the initial email, include your password, click on login/sign in

(3) It will automatically usher you to your home page. See below

(4) Once you access your home page like in the above, click on check exit status and your exit status will display. Below is what it will look like:

You can see that the EXIT STATUS of the exited beneficiary above is PENDING, so should yours be otherwise, something is wrong, and you need to immediately rectify it.

It could be that some of the detail submitted are wrong, or your information was not accepted due to a certain reason.

Thanks for reading.

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