Latest Npower News Today: Nasims Batch C Stipend Payment News This Morning

Read the latest Npower News this morning, as the Federal government releases update on new developments. You will also find the latest NASIMS news on Npower batch c, deployment and loan for exited beneficiaries. Scroll down for NEXIT and steam 2 stipend payment update.

Npower Batch C Stream 2 To Receive 3 Months Stipend Arrears

The Npower administration has provided an update on the distribution of stipends to recipients for the months of October, November, and December 2022.

According to Npower management, the delay is the consequence of inevitable and unforeseen challenges, such as technical processes and the mopping up of cash at the end of the fiscal year.

Npower beneficiaries, on the other hand, have been promised by Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Sadiya Umar Farouq that significant progress has been made in addressing these issues, and that funds will be provided this week.

Please be assured that any unpaid stipends for both graduates and non-graduates will be reimbursed shortly. Your struggle is very important and highly appreciated, especially in these trying times.

To continue serving our great nation in your primary responsibilities and, in the case of non-graduates, to complete your training, we ask that you do so with patience and understanding as we work to find a solution to this delay.

The Minister concluded by thanking the Npower programme participants for their usual commitment and teamwork.

Nasims Will Activate Payroll Tab For Npower Batch C2 Beneficiaries Shortly

The management of the self-service site for Npower Nasims will soon activate the Payroll Tab for Npower Batch C2 Beneficiaries. The news was released after the Npower team updated its social media communication channels on the payment of the batch stream 2 recipients’ overdue stipends for the previous three months.

The Nasims site now has a recording page called the Npower beneficiaries Payroll Page that shows all of the Npower beneficiaries’ monthly stipend payment transaction records.

In the Payroll Tab of the Nasims self-service portal, the Npower stipends payment procedure is started. Beneficiaries can view real-time changes from pending to processing to successful or unsuccessful payments when a payment is started.

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs has stated that funds will be released within the week to commence payment of Npower graduate and non-graduate 3 months outstanding stipends.

Nonetheless, the exited Npower beneficiaries have also reminded the Npower management not to forget their proposed Nexit empowerment and Npower work the nation promised. They have asked the Federal Government to fulfill their promise.



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  1. I don’t know what to do pls help ,I try to sign in to nexit but they are telling me that my email does not exist, an is the same email that am still using today ,I don’t know problem

  2. Npower committee, why do u removed my Email address from my profile porter.? Pls return my Email address for me to log in to next porter. Don’t deny me of this offer. Is ungodly

  3. Pls minister sadiya send our money to us , even during the npower program , you never pay us same day, so pay those that complete there nexit registration.

  4. Why are you delaying this exit package?Do you know that some of us has responsibilities? For seven months now nothing for us how do you feel or think we should do?minister check and consider what will be the result or out come of what do to us be fair to human and consider us ma ,we know that our President have good plans for us , ma think well for the result of your actions

  5. Please ma, we kindly plead for the nexit package to be given to us. We really need it urgently.

  6. Those of you guys crying for exit loan should better think twice oh?:Don,t you know that over 100,000 batch A andB beneficiaries has been disengage with flimsy excuse,and their entitlement divert to personal please be grateful and remain patience.

  7. Comment: please, hon. Minister try and solve our problems, because we have a lot of problem to solved before our families: maggi, salt, palm oil and so on. To pay our children’s is default to, please the situation we are facing in our countries is beyond our controls. Thanks

  8. Please,I have not been deployed till now and still waiting for them,I missed the physical verification,any hope for me?

  9. Am unable to upload my PPA letter for over two months now, keep telling me error, no PPA letter found. For N-AGRO
    What could be the reason

  10. I am Aliyu Abdullahi Jaedu NPOWER teach from kano state, a disengage NPOWER batch B, a disable and cripple NPOWER B please our great mother which is Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouk please give lone to me to start a business, please ma, if they is permanent job.please ma.


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