Architect at Nigerian Army

Architect Recruitment at Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army is the largest component of the Nigerian Armed Forces, and is responsible for land warfare operations. It is governed by the Nigerian Army Council.

Applications are invited from eligible Nigerians for commission into the Nigerian Army (NA) as:


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Job Title: Architect
Location: Nationwide

Job Roles

  • To ensure that all critical databases are available and performing optimally at all times
  • To maintain the integrity of the database and protect it from unauthorized access
  • To ensure that the Bank is able to work from an alternative location in the event of a disaster at the production site by either activating the DR site or restoring from backups

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Carryout Database monitoring and basic maintenance task.
  • Monitor and maintain database maintenance plans for backups, index rebuild/defragment, and database statistics
  • Carryout Database monitoring and maintenance tasks
  • Carryout database backup and restore operations
  • Support EOD operations by Monitoring performance of database systems resources and query throughput.

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