Aisha Yesufu’s Message to Npower Beneficiaries over Stipend

Aisha Yesufu’s Message to Npower Beneficiaries over Stipend

A leading human right activist and member of the bring Back Our Girls movement (BBOG) has encouraged the NPower protesters to consolidate with others on the same protest day.

The call is due to the recent delay in payment of June and July 2020 stipend, which is long overdue. However, after the last protest, reports have emerged suggesting that N-Power beneficiaries that protested their disengagement are rumoured to have scheduled another protest, this is even as the 36-state and FCT N-Power Representatives Forum on Wednesday night asked volunteers to disregard the information.


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According to the N-Power Representatives Forum, “in order to ensure the safety of volunteers across the states, no volunteer should gather anywhere for protest or rally at the moment.”

On Wednesday, #RevolutionNow protests took place in some parts of the country, this came after hundreds of youth across Katsina State converged in Katsina town in June to protest the killings and wanton destruction by gunmen in their respective localities.

Like #RevolutionNow protests, Christian leaders of different denominations took to the streets of Kaduna State, northern Nigeria, on Sunday to protest against the killings in the state, accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of allowing the situation to escalate.

Reacting to the several protests recorded in the country recently, Mrs Yesufu, who is a critic of President Buhari’s “Next Level government“, stressed that agitators can “come together to get result.”

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